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Hypnosis session

In a hypnosis session you explore any theme in your life you want to clarify, resolve and improve.

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Experience Making Fundamentals

In the Experience Making process you learn how to become a more active experience maker in your life.

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Transformational session

In a transformational session you transform and release elements of yourself to become the best version of yourself through regression and progression techniques.

Designed to overcome obstacles.

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Integrational session

In an integrational session you integrate new elements from a significant life event into your present life.

Designed to process major life events such as decease, separation, trauma, loss and NDE.

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Our approach helps with:

Personal Growth - Career development - Relationships - Family relations - Parenting - Addiction - Depression - Burnout - Anxiety - Disorders - Pain - Illness

Significant life events: Near death experience - Trauma - Illness recovery - Enlightenment / Spiritual experiences - Loss

Finding your purpose - Realizing your goals - Overcoming obstacles - Improving performance

Simulation session 

In a simulation session you simulate past or future desired or undesired experiences to explore the optimal approach to a situation or event.

Designed to make and review decisions.

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Participants share what they experience in sessions. 

Team Accelerator

The Team Accelerator workshops let you assess and improve the 4 team success drivers.

Designed to improve teamwork in your business.

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The Experience Maker School

The Experience Maker is a practical transformative approach to living life. We teach this approach through sessions, therapy, classes, retreats, books and conferences.

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