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The After Experience

We did it! Thank you!

Thank you all for making the kick-off event such a positive experience. We are so thankful for all the contributions, wonderful connections and amazing stories. We hope you had a great experience too.

What's your movie about?

You set back and watched your movie. You rewinded to all the scenes you loved. You forward perhaps even into the future. You picked the scene you want to create next.

Who is playing in it?

You took a closer look at the role you wanted to play in your scene. Earth, wind, fire, water? Are you the main character in your scene?

What's the script?

What is happening in your scene? What is being said, thought, felt and heard in your scene? You wrote your own poem to describe what your scene is all about.

Your own movie scene

As a way to imagine an experience you would like to have sometime in the future, you became the director of a scene in your movie. A scene about an experience you want to have.

Your genre

Is your movie scene romantic, action packed, sports, funny? You danced to find the rhythm of your movie scene.  

What's your film music?

Together with Forien and the Incredibox (directed by Roos), you explored options for your film scene music. 

Your starting point

What have you experienced so far? How does that influence what you are experiencing now and what you want to experience next? Pim van Lommel gave an impressive summary of our book and linked it to one of the most transforming experiences - the near death experience.
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