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Experience making at work

Unconventional transformation

You can't expect different results if you keep using the same approach. You can transform faster than you may think if you are willing to step outside of the box.

Our approach is unconventional because we believe you have all the answers about you and we don't. We facilitate your internal alignment and empowerment process by reconnecting with your internal self and intuition. In simple terms, to be and act as your authentic self again.

It doesn't need to take long to get back on track or to the next level. Once you reach internal alignment, transformation happens very quickly.

Top Performance

Reach your next level of performance through our internal alignment process. This process helps you connect with your intuition to get your entire self on the same page: who you are, what you want, what you do, think and feel. 

Team Building

Running your business, team or project is like going on a trip. Based on our Teamwork Survey data, Big Picture Clarity has a strong relationship with performance. These 4 drivers - mission, plan, progress and joy - get you to your destination every time! Align your team through Big Picture Clarity to enable aligned autonomy - the ideal equilibrium between alignment (direction/bounderies) and autonomy (freedom, empowerment, ownership).

Awareness Training

Coaching for employees that gets you back on track quickly: from burn-out to accelerating your professional growth.

Work is an experience. Are you experiencing success? Stress? Fulfillment? Joy? Teamwork? Burn-out? Underperformance? Stagnation? Conflict? Insecurity?

How do you get back on track or to the next level quickly?

Back on track faster

Wanneer jij of een medewerker last heeft van stagnatie, stress of burn-out, dan wil je natuurlijk zo snel mogelijk weer op het goede spoor zijn. Burn-out duurt gemiddeld 75 dagen om te herstellen en kan soms jaren duren. Ongeveer de helft van de werknemers beschouwt stress als normaal op hun werkplek, en het draagt ​​bij aan ongeveer de helft van alle verloren werkdagen.


Om snel weer op het goede spoor te komen, helpen we je de oorzaak te achterhalen en te verhelpen - zodat je weer aan het roer komt te staan van je leven, werk en loopbaan.

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