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Do you create your own experiences? Are you having the experiences you want? How can you become active in creating the experiences you want? What is your potential?

In this book we explore how you can become an active experience maker through your expanded awareness of you, your environment and your experiences.

Think of your life as a movie. Each scene is an experience. Who is directing the movie? Who is the main character? Who is watching? You. Do you know how you create your movie? Do you like your movie?

We hope it will inspire you to explore and push the bounderies of your own experience making.

Joost and Thijs

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The Experience Maker (Engels):

De Ervaring Maker (Nederlands):

"This book has inspired me to take action to turn around situations that I would have liked to have done differently, with fantastic consequences for me personally. It is a thinking book, workbook with suggestions and tools to address situations as a director and scriptwriter of the film of your life, to rewrite them in order to achieve your goal."

Bloem (

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