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Certified Experience Maker Teacher

Certification Program

In this program you will learn how to help others become more active experience makers. Through the use of the experience making process you can quickly help people get back on track towards the experiences they want in life.

1. Workshops

The program starts with four half day online workshops. 

Workshop 1: Introduction

Workshop 2: Creating your joy list

Workshop 3: Creating your script

Workshop 4: Practice making a Pit Stop

2. Personal Practice

We practice what we preach. Part of the certification program is to actually experience that the process works and that you are able to create experiences you want. 

You continue to work on your joy list, work through obstacles and make Pit Stops with participants and coaches.

3. Coaching Practice

You apply the experience making process with your clients totalling 80 facilitator hours and 4 reflection sessions on your facilitator experience.

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