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Experience Making Sessions

Grow your awareness and practice experience making

Transformational therapy

Through Transformational Practice you transform root experiences and release undesired automatic behavior - so you can create experiences you truly want. At the root of every experience - from burnout to eating disorder - is a past experience - the root experience. It is the root experience we want to transform to regain your freedom of choice over your being and destiny. Through regression and progression to current, past and future experiences you 'remember' experiences related to the theme you explore during the session and gain awareness and perspective to transform, release, heal and relearn. Transformational Practice is specifically designed to overcome obstacles. 

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Simulation therapy

Explore different versions of a past or future experience to see how various scenarios play out. Simulations are designed to help you make important decisions or review decisions you have made in the past.

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In the state of trance (hypnosis, meditation, deep relaxation) you are better able to connect with your intuitive side to gain clarity and awareness. It is proven to be an effective way to transform anything that blocks you in being the best version of yourself.

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Integration therapy

A significant life event can shift your believes, perspectives, values, priorities and desires, feeling like you are no longer your old self. Integrational practices are designed to help integrate these new elements in your present life.

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Soul Body Fusion

Soul Body Fusion realigns your Soul with your Body. It is as if you tune your body into the frequency of your Soul, so that both are on the same wave length again.

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Intentional experiential therapy

Our therapeutic approach is based on the intentional experiential therapy method:

  • you learn from and through experience

  • the answers are within you

  • through reflection you can clarify the meaning of your experiences

  • meaning emerges when you put your attention on your intentions - what you want in life

  • theta (deep relaxation) is the best state of mind to get clarity and connect with your intuitive knowing

Experience Making Session

The Experience Making process is an effective way to help you create the experiences your want in life and be who you want to be. This session is designed to review and explore the role you play in creating your experiences on a daily basis, what you want to experience and how you make that happen.

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How does it work?

We tailor our approach to what suits you best - to help you become more aware of yourself, your experiences and your interaction with your environment. The starting point is your intention: what do you want your experiences to be? How do you make that happen? In each session we use the method that suits you best.

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Pit Stop

A Pit Stop is a rapid practice session to rebounce, reflect and redirect your attention and focus back to what you want. These sessions are for experienced experience makers.

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Sometimes a deeper dive is needed.

We offer various therapeutic sessions to dive deeper into a subject or challenge - to eventually create the experiences you want to have.

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