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What do you want to experience?

Use the experience making process to expand your awareness, create the experiences you want in your life and develop your potential.

1. Joy List

What are the experiences you want? Which experiences give you joy? Which don't?

The Joy List is a tool to keep your focus on the experiences you want to create.

2. Script

Setting your intentions is the first step. Taking action is the next step. How do you materialize your intentions and realize your Joy List? 

Your Script is a tool to help you materialize your intentions.

3. Pit stop

A Pit stop is a moment of reflection on your experiences and experience making. 

Where are you? What are your current experiences like?

Where do you want to be? 

How to get there?

Are you there?

When you book a Pit stop session, we will help you reflect on those questions with the goal to create the experiences you want in your life. Each Pit stop session is 1 hour and generally online. Sessions are offered in English or Dutch.

Coaches for experience making

About Thijs

How does it work?

In the experience making process we use three tools: Your Joy List, Your Script and Pit stops.

Using these tools you will experience what it is like to create the experiences you want in life: love, joy, family, life, freedom, work, success - what do you want to experience? 

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