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Intentional Living through Experience Making.

What role do you play in the making of your experiences? Are you the maker of your own movie? If so, what do you want your experience to be? Intentional Living means paying attention to your experiences, yourself and your environment with the intent to play an active conscious role in the making of your life.

Why Experience Making?

Experiencing is the fabric of life. Life's purpose. Experiencing is living. Living is experiencing. You can't stop experiencing. There is no pause button for your movie. Even if you do nothing, you are still experiencing (doing nothing).

You always have (and make) experiences. The question is: are you having the experiences you want? And are you on auto pilot or intentional while having these experiences?


Before you build a house, you'll likely draw the house first. All that exists was first an idea. The experiences you want become ideas that you can further give shape in your imagination. What form does it have?

Desire and Joy

To want to experience (something). Intentional living starts with knowing what you want. What do you want? What gives you joy? What's on your joy list?


Learning to be able to experience. Your next experience may require learning, or it may not. In our approach you are your own teacher and you learn through experience to experience. What do you need to learn to have the experience you want? What are you learning from your experiences?


For intentional experience makers, feelings are like road signs. To move towards joy, and move away from resistance. Through feelings you know if you are on track or how to get back on it. How do your current experiences make you feel? If your feelings are negative or positive, what does that mean? That you are or are not having the experiences you want?

Experience Making.

Life is now. Live it intentionally.


In most essential form you are awareness, and you can expand what's in your awareness. By training attention, to be aware of your self, your environment and your experiences, you can live more intentionally. That is how you become an intentional experience maker.


Sometimes a facilitator is needed to guide you to the knowing that is already inside of you. It speeds up your process.


We use our book The Experience Maker often to remember the process. We facilitate sessions to help you get clarity and awareness about what you want and to imagine, be, act and feel it. We also offer classes and retreats.


You can practice intentional living and experience making. It's a skill. A habit. A way of being, thinking and feeling. Think of it as growing your attention muscle. The more attention you pay, the more aware you are, the more intentional you can be.

Most fundamentally that means practicing to be you.


From the idea as a thought in your imagination, you can become the experience you want with your entire being. This means alignment at every level in you with what you want: what you think, feel, say, do, believe and pay attention to. Live and breath it. Be it.


What thoughts, believes and perspectives align with what you want? Do you have counter productive, limiting and conflicting thoughts and believes? 


How do you get the experiences you want? Intentional living comes with the deep belief and openness that you can do it and that you can also know how to make it happen. The more aligned you are with what you want, the easier the action flows. Are you doing what's needed to create what you want?

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