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Who is this class for

How do you create success? How do you create the experience you want together? How do you get there? What do you personally want to achieve? If you want to become more aware of how you create success and achievements as in collaboration with others and how to create a great collaboration experience, this program is for you.

Schedule & Cost

12 week program:

Weekly 2 hour class 

Cost: 269 Euro or 289 USD

Pit Stops

A session in the program is called a Pit Stop. We use the Pit Stop to reflect on your experiences and success making. We explore the basic questions of:

Intention: What do you want to achieve?

Manifestation: How do you achieve it?

Celebration: How do you track your progress?

Connection: How do you create team chemistry?

The Experience Leader

How to lead experience making 


The program is 12 weeks of 2 hour class sessions. Each session is a reflection moment on your experience making process.


Making experiences with others starts with your understanding of how experience, and the experience you want, is created. In this program we use the experience making process as the guideline to reflect on how to create the experiences you want as a leader and team. Through this process you become aware of yourself, your experiences and your environment. It is through self-awareness that you can become an effective leader and success maker.

The Experience Leader is open for registration.

Each class has 8 participants and starts once all seats are filled.

This class will be held in Dutch and English. All sessions are online through video calls.

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