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Pit Stops

A 'work-out' session in the program is called a Pit Stop. We use the Pit Stop to reflect on your experiences and experience making. We explore the basic questions of:

- What do you want to experience?

- How do you get there?

- Are you there?

In the sessions we use in-depth techniques to expand your awareness and connect with your subconscious, intuition, feeling, thinking, sensing and knowing.

Schedule & Cost

12 week program:

Weekly 2 hour Class Pit Stop

Cost: 269 Euro or 289 USD


Experience Maker Class

Reach your next level of awareness


Much like a fitness training program, the experience maker program supports you in becoming more fit in experience making by training your awareness. In 12 weeks we explore together in class sessions how to create the experiences you want in your life through your expanded awareness. The result is more joy in your life.


We use the experience making process as the guiding principle for becoming aware of you, your experiences and you environment. If you see your life as a movie, how is your movie created? Who is making it? Watching it? Playing in it? Through observation of your experiences, you learn what we want in life, how to get there and if you are there. You train your ability to observe, understand what you want in life, how to get there and how to overcome obstacles along the way.

Classes are open for registration

Each class has 8 to 12 participants.

This class will be held in Dutch or English. Sessions are entirely online through video calls, or on location or blended.

Who is this class for

What do you want to experience? If you want to become more aware of how the experiences in your life are created, this program is a good fit for you. Why do you experience what you experience? How does that work? What do you want? How can you change? In the program we reflect on your experiences and experience making process with the goal to increase your awareness and become more active in creating the experiences you want.


As part of the program, we explore various practices you can use to grow your awareness, such as self-hypnosis, Soul Body Fusion, Psych-k, Meditation, Plant medicine, Power of Eight, Ice water and Breathing.

We will have guest speakers who are subject matter experts in a practice to share their experiences and insights.

During the program you will choose which practices you'd like to experience.

In Collaboration with The Awareness Network

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