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Pit Stops

In each Pit Stop session we reflect on your experience making using the experience making process:

Do you create your own experience?

How do you create your own experience?

What experiences do you want?

How do you get there?

Are you there?

In the sessions we use in-depth techniques to expand your awareness and connect with your subconscious.

Schedule & Cost

12 week program:

Weekly 2 hour online classes.

Cost: 269 Euro or 289 USD

The Experience Teacher

Teach Experience Making


It is required that you first complete an Experience Maker Class. You will then be able to participate as a supporting teacher in an Experience Maker Class to become a Master Experience Teacher. 

Next Experience Teacher Class is open for registration.

Each class has 8 participants and starts once all seats are filled.

This class will be held in Dutch and English. All sessions are online through video calls.


The experience making process explores to what extend you can create your own experiences. It is a reflective process that helps clients quickly transform themselves. To integrate this approach into your therapy and coaching sessions, you will need to have experienced this process in your own life. Through expanding your awareness we explore how experience creation works and how to be an active experience maker. 

Who is this class for

Do your clients create their own experiences? How? What do they really want? How do they create the experiences they want? How do they work through obstacles and challenges? If you want to deepen your understanding and broaden your awareness around how experience making works, this program is for you.

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