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What is Integrational Practice?

Integrational Practice is designed to help you integrate a significant event or experience in your life. When something very significant happens, you can experience a sudden transformation that feels like you are no longer your old self. Your values, perspectives, priorities and desires may have shifted dramatically. Integrational Practice helps you integrated this transformation into your present life to find a new balance in you.

A session generally takes 1.5 hours. Sessions are in Dutch or English.

In Integrational Practice we apply whatever tools helps you integrate your experiences. The sessions and approach are uniquely tailored to your unique context and emerges out of the connection between the facilitator and you. 

The significant event in your life may be loss, decease, spiritual transformation, separation and so forth. This event may have a ripple effect in your life. In Integrational Practice we seek to find meaning in the event and integrate the learning to gain understanding, balance and direction. Ultimately we aim to relate the event to what you truly want in life and how to get there.

Facilitators for Integrational Sessions

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