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We Kicked off at

Beach Club Birds

We kicked off The Experience Maker on September 25, 2022


Beach Club Birds

Zuiderstrand 19, Strandslag 2,

2555 ZZ Den Haag


09:30 - Coffee and Thee

10:00 - Experience sharing

12:30 - Lunch buffet (included)

14:00 - End


We offered this event to you by using the proceeds of book sales. If you'd like to contribute, please gift the book to people you believe may benefit.

You can find places to purchase the book here.

What did we kicking off?

This is the kickoff event of our first circle of experience makers - to share experiences. This event is also our way of celebrating the creation of our book.

During the event, participants shares their experiences and experience making in various forms - giving us a peak into what their experience is like. 

Who joined?

We brought together friends with an interest and active involvement in growing awareness for the betterment of experience making - for themselves and for others.

Who shared?

We all shared while enjoying a morning drink and/or a bite from the lunch buffet. 

We asked a few participants to share their experience with the entire circle. For instance, Pim van Lommel shared about his groundbreaking contribution to growing awareness of near death experiences. Others shared their experiences in various forms.

Pim van Lommel shared his experiences too.

The After Experience

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