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What stands between you and realizing your goals? What do you really want? And how do you get there?


Our coaching process is focussed on internal alignment of what you want with who you are, what you do, think and feel by reconnecting with your intuition.

Any misalignment in you leads to resistance and hesitation in your actions. Through alignment with your authentic self you can redirect all your energy towards what you want and act with confidence and without hesitation. 

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The Experience Maker is a practical transformative approach to living life. We call it Intentional LivingLearn more.


We teach this approach through Awareness Training in sessions, classes, retreats and books. Learn more.

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It's fast

Our approach gets you to your intuitive knowing quickly to get clarity on any inner misalignment. This intuitive state is also the state where problem solving accelerates, the state in which scientists, athletes, musicians and artists get their best ideas.

It takes just 1 to 3 sessions to get results.

It's vast

What your true potential is and where your limits lie is unknown. Perhaps it's unlimited. That your potential is vast and far is a given. There always is a next level to reach. A new invention, a new strategy, a better way, a new world record, a new cure, a unique point of view. What's yours?


We start with an introduction meeting to define the intention and approach. Your 'ask' generally does not take more than one to three sessions to complete. Sometimes that completes the program and sometimes other themes are picked up to continue the internal alignment process or to explore certain topics such as problem solving and inner guidance. 


The sessions can be designed as a rapid reflection session all the way to a very deep dive using for instance hypnosis.  

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