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Pit Stop

What is a Pit Stop?

A Pit Stop is a moment of reflection on your experience at work with the goal to overcome obstacles and work towards your goals. We teach you how to use the Pit Stop to become autonomous in your own personal growth.

Starting situation

We work together on getting a clear picture of your current situation. What is your current experience at work? What are the obstacles? What are the root experiences leading to your current experiences? 


Goal Experiences

Together we explore and then define what you want. What is the goal? What do you want your experience at work to be? 


We identify what is needed to create the experiences you want. What is the plan for reaching the goal?


We define how to track and reflect on your progress.

What is the progress? How do you track it? How to recognize obstacles? How to go into a Pit Stop? What do you do in the Pit Stop? Who is in your Pit Stop team? How to get back on the road?


What stands between you and realizing your goals? What do you really want? And how do you get there?


Our coaching process is focussed on becoming aware of yourself and your experiences at work and becoming an active player in your success, achieving your goals and creating the experiences you want.

We give you the tools to understand where you are, focus on what you want, define how to get there and reflect on your progress.

By identifying what previous experiences are the root of your current experiences, we can help you transform your approach and get you back on track with a focus on what you want and your goals.

You will be able to autonomously recognize obstacles, reflect on them to transform the situation and get back on track quickly.

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